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Do you need a Colchester based removals company with fantastic service at an extremely competitive price? Look no further than Parkers Removals. From one man and a van to a full packing and removals service in Colchester and the surrounding areas to anywhere across the UK we have got you covered. If it is a few items or a full house move we are hear to make you move as stress free as possible.

Areas Covered

We cover all areas of Essex and can take you to any destination in the UK. We will also go to anywhere in the UK and bring you back to Colchester and the surrounding areas.

We pride ourselves on being as versitile as possible in an attempt to help as many customers as we can, making ourselves available to start a job at any time day or night.

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Our Services



Parkers Removals provides a wide range of removal services for the Commercial Industry from office moves to a few items for delivery. We are fully a fully insured removals company and are covered for the following:


For all your removals in Colchester or UK based needs, Parkers Removals can help your move go smoothly.


We run a fleet of fourteen 3.5 tonne vehicles which allow Parkers Removals to give an affordable and reliable service and the possability of slashing upto 30% off any like for like house removal quote. This is available to existing and new customers in the following ways:

We can accomodate the average three bedroom property with two/three of our vehicles.

All our Vehicles are equipped with the latest Satellite Navigation to ensure no time is wasted during those removals that are not Colchester based.

Our vans can fit into most driveways which cuts out the walking distance and therefore saving labour costs.

We can supply boxes at an affordable cost even if we are not doing your removal, please note that this service is only available for Colchester removals.

We can clear household items for you, ie: If you are moving to a smaller dwelling and have surplus furniture we can either dispose or sell this on your behalf.

If you are having new furniture delivered we can remove the old furniture on the same day for you and either dispose or sell the old item on your behalf.

Unfortunately we cannot provide garden waste clearance but can supply you with contact details of other companies that provide this service.

Parkers Removals charge by the hour or from a list of your household contents. We can also provide a free quotation for your Colchester removal or If you live in or near the surrounding areas of Colchester.

For a complete breakdown of how our services work from the day you contact us to the day of your move please follow this link Product Delivery


Colchester Removals and UK wide Removal Services.

We will price each move as to your requirement either by viewing your property as long as it is local to Colchester, once viewed we will be able to give you a set price to enable you to compare our prices with other local colchester removals companies or by the hour plus mileage.

Our quotes include all packing materals that are required for the move in the price. We can also add these to our hourly rates if needed.

We have a selection of strong, double walled removals boxes which are ideal for house removals purposes.

We also supply packing tape, wardrobe boxes, packing paper and protective bubble wrap.

We deliver in the Colchester area of Essex UK.

Charges are as follows:

Hourly Rates
Men & Vans Price
1 Man & a van £45 p/h + £1 per mile
2 Men & 2 vans £80 p/h + £2 per mile
2 Men & a van £60 p/h + £1 per mile
3 Men & 2 vans £95 p/h + £2 per mile
3 Men & a Van £75 p/h + £1 per mile
4 Men & 2 vans £110 p/h + £2 per mile

Please note that £10 extra is chargeable for the first hour of the above rates.

Please note mileage is charged at £1 per mile per van one way of the journey between the two properties.

If additional trips between the two properties are needed the charge will be applied again for the additional travel.

Packing Materials
Product Description Price
Small Boxes 18x12x12 inches (457x305x305 cm) double walled brown cardboard boxes £1.20 each
Large Boxes 18x18x30 inches (457x457x762 cm) double walled brown cardboard boxes £1.80 each
Wardrobe Boxes includes hanging rail £6.00 each
Packing tape £1.00 per roll
Packing paper Plain white, 500 sheets £12.00
Bubble wrap Large £12.00 per roll.

For all your Colchester Removals or UK based needs, Parkers Removals can help your move go smoothly.

Insurance & Advice

InsuranceRemovals Top Tips and Advice


We are fully Insured “For your peace of mind”

Parkers Removals is fully insured and we are covered for the following:


We realise that things can go wrong, but we take every precaution to avoid mishaps and we pride ourselves on our service, responsibility, and honesty and look forward to working with you and making your move a success.

For all your Colchester removals or UK based needs, Parkers Removals can help your move go smoothly.

Removals Top Tips and Advice

We would like you to please read the following top tips and advice.

We have found these tips will help make the move easier for us all. Please do contact us whenever you feel necessary as our expert advice is free and happily given.

  • We cannot remove Gas Appliances unless they have been disconnected by a GAS SAFE Registered Plumber. You will need to arrange this well before the day of your big move.
  • Let us know if you have any special requirements in advance. We will always try to help and may even be able to offer ideas to overcome potential problems.
  • Put washing machine hoses in the drum to ensure that hoses and washers are not damaged or lost.
  • Make sure everything is boxed upon our arrival. If you are concerned about this, we are more then happy to quote for packing boxes as well as removals. This however must be agreed in advance.
  • Mark the boxes with their contents and which room they need to be taken in your new home I.e. Kitchen, Dining Room, Lounge, Conservatory, Study, and Bedroom 1,2,3,4 etc. We generally expect Bedroom 1 to the be the closest to the Stairs.
  • Let us know of any Glass Table Tops to be moved. We have a process that ensures that they are not damaged
  • Our staff are equipped with basic tools to make the move easier, however, we can only dismantle furniture and Equipment if agreed in advance.
  • Label boxes with as much as possible i.e. Fragile Goods. Our staff will always read the labels before moving the boxes.
  • Pack Fragile Goods as well as possible. Also, don’t forget to label them as Fragile. Our staff can then make sure that they receive extra care during the move.
  • Printers & Copiers – Remove ink cartridges and place them in leak proof bags. We have known for ink from such items to spill on to cloth of furniture.
  • Please inform of Plant Pots that are normally kept outside as they can take up a lot of floor space and leave the floor of the van dirty. We will take extra precautions to ensure that they are not damaged during transit.
  • Please advise of any heavy items such as American Style Fridges and Piano’s. We can then arrange for our vehicles with hydraulic tail lifts to be used on the job.
  • Paint pots, stains and other liquids are better off being packed in Dustbin type containers to avoid spillage onto your other possessions, and our Vans!
  • Bedding and Quilts should be packed in heavy duty dustbin bags. They can then be efficiently packed inside our removal vehicles.
  • Drawers need to be emptied if they are packed with heavy items otherwise the bottoms may break upon moving.
  • Wardrobes are not all designed to be moved. Flat pack wardrobes can be particularly flimsy when lifted or tilted. We have a process of securing straps to such items to add strength during the removal process.
  • We pride ourselves on our service, responsibility, and honesty and look forward to working with you and making your move a success.

We are open 7 days a week and operate 24/7 to suit all our Customers needs.

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